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Privilege in the medieval villages of Piacenza

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The next event to enjoy the guidance of Brera will take you along the Piacenza province, passing in the two most important medieval villages of the beginning of the last century. A few kilometers from Piacenza, the view extends over a wide expanse, where you can appreciate the care of the cultivated fields.

Vigoleno, an example of a fortified medieval village of intense beauty whose history is very particular: the castle belonged almost uninterruptedly to a single family from the end of the 14th century until the beginning of the 20th century. The Scotti family.

The plain gives way to the first hills, with roads that are no longer straight as if they were drawn with a line, but follow the hilly conformation, thus creating a mixed path, with very gentle curves alternating with short straights.

The Brera and the Spider will plunge back into a temporal space where present and past merge.

At Castell’Arquato, where we will have the honor of being able to pass along the lanes, one is surprised by the very special beauty of the village built on a hill. The small town has maintained the original structure unchanged, presenting itself, even today, with the alleys that cross the village in the middle of the houses with the characteristic earth color.


  • ORE 9.00 Meeting and breakfast to the HOTEL MATHIS , Giacomo Matteotti street, 68 to FIORENZUOLA D’ARDA
  • ORE 10.00 Start for VIGOLENO
  • ORE 10.30-11.00 Pause at VIGOLENO di 30 minuts
  • ORE 11.30 Arrival and transit to CASTELL’ARQUATO with passage in the suggestive historical center
  • ORE 13.00 Arrival for lunch at the restaurant LA ROCCHETTA, Rivalta of GAZZOLA,  reserved parking inside the Borgo
  • ORE 15.00 Visit to the Castle
  • ORE 17.00 Final greetings and End of event.

Participation fee to be paid in advance following registration:

80€ at person
65€ for Club members Alfa Brera Privilege (20% discount)

To register and payment, access the registration form here.

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